Jørgen Høj

Jørgen Høj (1925-1994)

Jørgen Høj is originally an educated metalworker and upholsterer. In 1950, he graduated from the school of Arts and Crafts, and since 1955 he has had his own design studio from where he works with design, interior and graphics. Jørgen Høj has included his furniture designs several times at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Exhibition.

In the young days of his life, he worked together with Poul Kjærholm. It was a friendship that led to a collaboration in their very own design studio, and in addition to a high number of products, it was also a development in both architect’s career. It was a partnership that influenced each other.

Later they split up, but it is clear that their later work was based on the same ideas and shapes that were illustrated in their own products. The common past had influenced the furniture design from both Høj and Kjærholm.

In about 1960, Jørgen Høj had designed a round table with extension panels in the shape of a ring. It consisted of panels in formica, that could be assembled as a ring around the table top using metal coins that held the ring in place. Later Poul Kjærholm got the same kind of idea for his PK54 table, which has become an icon of the Danish design history.

Klassik Studio believes that Jørgen Høj could have gained more recognition if he were not put in the shadow of Kjærholm’s success. Jørgen Høj was a talented furniture designer, who had a minimalistic expression in his design. With Klassik Studios modern production and the initiative to include new materials, these are very modern furniture that can decorate any home.

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