STUDIO stone tableware – Inspired by nature and Danish design tradition

STUDIO is the name of the new tableware from Klassik Studio. The tableware is inspired from the Danish design tradition of stoneware and every piece is carefully handmade. With its slightly waved edge the tableware has a beautiful elegance which is an interesting contrast to the heavy stoneware material. Each piece is hand glazed and creates a unique product. The glaze has a matt finish that gives a raw and exclusive look and at Klassik Studio we see the tableware as the “canvas” to the art of the chef. The colors are inspired by nature and is easy to mix and match between each other, creating personality when making table settings.

STUDIO Tableware is available in three colors: white, grey and khaki.

The tableware is made of stoneware which is burned at over 1200 °C and can withstand dishwashing machines, oven and microwave.

Klassik Studio also facilitates special orders for restaurants, hotels and other projects. Please contact us for inquiries.

Handmade tableware with a Nordic feel

The unique stoneware collection contains:

  • stone dish
  • Plates (breakfast and dinner)
  • Deep pasta plate
  • Mug (with and without handle)
  • Bowls (small, medium and large)

All the tableware parts can be chosen in 3 different natural colors. You can keep them alike in colors or mix as you like for an even more rustic and personal composition. The stoneware is made of ceramic that is burned at 1200 °C. This makes the stoneware incredibly strong, and the hand-painted glaze makes it easier to clean the plates and mugs after use.

Try a well poured cup of coffee in a nature-inspired stoneware mug or serve a delicious midsummer dinner to your restaurant guests. The beautiful colors of the food will stand in an extraordinary contrast to the natural earth tones from the stoneware.

STUDIO Stoneware for privates, hotels and restaurant industry

We sell our tableware to private individuals as well as large quantities for cafes, restaurants, hotels and other dining events. Add your own beautiful touch to the tabelware with STUDIO stoneware which not only creates a more authentic table setting with the raw and elegant finish, but also highlights the beautiful colors of the food.

All stoneplates, mugs, bowls and dishes are handmade and hand glazed so every piece has its own uniqueness in both color and shape. The small differences gives a raw and rustic vibe that exudes elegance and class.