Danish furniture of sublime quality

Danish furniture designed in luxurious natural materials that will last for generations – this is our identity. Our sophisticated and traditional classics ooze with a unique synergy of simplicity and functionality. The Scandinavian design furniture have for many years been respected and admired by many, and our beautiful Danish furniture is a sought after look in many homes around the world.

At Klassik Studio you you can get inspired with our collection of well-known design classics. We manufacture and sell (among many other) easy chairs with a great comfort – such as King’s Chair by Poul M. Volthers or the Hunting Chair by Kurt Østervig.

You will also find our multi functional Daybed by Poul M. Volther which is available in a variety of timeless textiles and leather. The Daybed is both functional and elegant which makes it a great match for almost any modern home.

Our round JH Dining Table by Jørgen Høj also deserves attention for its unique functionality and design. The solution of how to extend a round table and at the same time keep the circle shape was found when Jørgen Høj designed this table in 1962.

Natural long lasting materials in wood, leather, metal and marble

Klassikl Studio uses traditional furniture materials in modern ways. The contrasts of leather, wood, marble and metal are wonderfully matched in our collection.

Our Danish design furniture are manufactured in high quality with respect for the original design and craftsmanship. With the right care, you can have these furniture for generations to come and will over time get a beautiful and unique patina.