Scandinavian lighting and a genuine passion for quality

Enter a world of scandinavian lighting inspired by historical design icons. Here you will find Klassik Studio’s own design of tasteful lamp creations with a strong connection to the traditional Scandinavian design concepts. You will find a wide selection of lamp types and lighting, for example we have desk lamps perfect for the work desk, beautiful pendant ceiling lamps as well as unique wall lamps for the bedroom, restaurant or living room.

At Klassik Studio we have designed a series of lamps inspired by classic Danish design lamps from the 50’s and 60’s. We have a true and deep love for Danish design concepts as well as the solid craftsmanship that lies behind. Therefore, all our lamps are characterized by simple, beautiful and functional design, as well as great quality materials. Good craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail permeate all our work from idea to production, and all of our Danish lamps have a story to tell. Our collection of Scandinavian lighting includes everything from rustic pendant lamps with an industrial vibe to beautiful table lamps that are functional and truly aesthetic. Here’s an overview of our lamp selectionl:

  • Pendant (Neo Pendant)
  • Table lamp (Studio 1, Studio 2 and Studio 3 table lamp)
  • Wall lamp (Studio 1 wall lamp)

Danish pendant lighting in raw brass

We have designed a beautiful and unique pendant lamp made of raw brass. The Danish design lamp provides a cozy lighting with a warm light that compliments any room. You can either hang the lamp alone, in a group or you can hang several of them in a row. It is perfect for the private home as well as it fits into the modern restaurant.

Furthermore we have designed three beautiful table lamps, each with their own expression. Common to all three table lamps is the beautiful look and intelligent functionality. They all give a beautiful lighting that can light up any room. Some of the table lamps are traditional with a lampshade that’s adjustable, while the last one emits direct light with a 360 degree light scatter through the lampshade made out of glass. The table lamps are perfect for your home office or bedside table.

If you are missing the final wall-detail – you should see our black wall lamp with raw brass, which gives a nice and warm light that can be used in the private home or for example at an exclusive cocktail bar. The wall light is handy with a screen that can be adjusted, as well as the height that can be changed. The Studio 1 wall lamp creates the ambiance of any room with its aesthetic and functional design.

High quality Scandinavian lighting

At Klassik Studio much goes into great design, good craftsmanship and good quality. This always characterizes our products as lamps, furniture or accessories. We have a passion for old classics in Danish design, in particular designs from the era Danish modern, which shines through all our products. That is why we also use many of the same materials as back then, and therefore all our Danish design lamps are made of either glass or raw brass, which has the right patina and lasts for generations. In addition, all our products are made in Denmark, as we never compromise on good quality and good craftsmanship.

We are constantly adding more Scandinavian lighting product to our assortment, all of which adhere to the same high standards of aesthetics, functionality and quality as our exciting products. So if you are looking for Danish lamps inspired by the greatest designers and architects from the 50’s and 60’s, you should keep an eye on our website or social media where we announce new product launches.

Visit our showroom in Copenhagen

We have a large and beautiful showroom in the middle of Copenhagen, where you can see a wide selection of our assortment. You are most welcome to visit us at:

Bredgade 3
1260 Copenhagen,

We are open Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm and Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Danish lighting with a beautiful retro feel

Klassik Studio is for everyone. We sell our lamps individually here in the shop to all of those who admire beautiful design and solid quality. We also make complete solutions for e.g. restaurants, hotels, and shops, as well as public spaces and lounges. If you would like our help in creating a unique interior design, or think we can help you in any other way, you are most welcome to contact us by phone: +45 4180 9060 or e-mail: