Adam Hoff & Poul Østergaard

Adam Hoff (1932 – )

In 1954, Adam Hoff graduated as a cabinet maker at the company Normina in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He studied from 1956 to 1959 at the school of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen and was subsequently employed in various design studios such as Karen and Ebbe Clemmesen, Vilhelm Lauritzen, Børge Mogensen, Kritian Vedel and Vilhelm Wohlert.

Poul Østergaard (1933-2010)

Poul Østergaard became a carpenter in 1953 and continued at the school of Arts and Crafts and finished as an architect in 1958. In addition to being employed by the Aarhus School of Architecture since 1968, he spent years of work at several design studios and then established his own studio. He has worked in particular with architecture and design, which purpose was to facilitate the lives of disabled people.

Adam Hoff & Poul Østergaard have designed furniture for the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Exhibition but became best known for the coat Hanger, that Klassik Studio has put into their collection.

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