Johannes Spalt

Johannes Spalt (1920-2010)

Johannes Spalt was considered one of the greates postwar Austrian architects. While he was at the at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he founded the famous “Arbeitsgruppe 4” together with Wilhelm Holzbauer, Friedrich Kurrent and Otto Leitner. This shaped the architectural landscape in Austria, with churches and other public buildings.

Johannes Spalt was orignally a bricklayer, but in 1945 he started as a freelance architect in Gmunden and Vienna and started his studies in 1949 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

From 1956 to 1957 he worked as an assistant for Konrad Wachsmann at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. From 1976 to 1973 he was a lecturer in history of contemporary architecture at the University of Applied Arts.

In 1973, he was appointed full professor and master class leader of the interior design and industrial design studies, which led him to become a principal of the school in 1975.

From 1983 to 1987, Johannes Spalt was head of the Institute for Interior Design and Furniture. Spalt was awarded the order of merit of Vienna and other prizes for his outstanding contribution to the field of architecture.

Since 1969, Johannes spalt operated his own design studio in Vienna, where he also designed furniture for the Austrian manufacturing company Wittmann.

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